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What You Need to Know

Do I need travel insurance?

Even the best planned trips can be impacted by the unexpected.  Unforeseeable events could throw a wrench in your travel plans and cost you your vacation investment and more.  
KH Travels recommends Travel Insurance and has several resources to offer you the best protection for your money.

Why use a Travel Advisor?

Are your services free?

To quote Chad Clark in Forbes, “Travel Agents are a thing of the past - they primarily booked tickets and beds. Travel Advisors  have taken on a much more complex role - part psychologist, life coach, executive producer, concierge, fixer, dream maker, and ‘Blink Blink’ genie, with the multitude of services that they provide.”

The Internet did make it easier to book your own travel, but it also created a ton of information overload. Travel advisors evolved from more transactional (booking tickets and rooms for you) to transformative (working with you to plan the best experience possible for you and your family). They help you cut through the clutter.  
And remember: Virtuoso advisors have first-hand knowledge of properties, tour companies, cruise lines, and more. Often, the person they're working with to plan your trip is someone they've known for years. That relationship pays a benefit back to you as a traveler.




Unfortunately gone are the days of the infamous tagline, "Travel Agents do it for free!"  
Using a real person
Travel Advisor adds value, personalization, and an extra peace of mind to your holiday.
After an initial get to know you consultation, a fee structure will be agreed on and travel planning will begin!

We are here for you

Each time our world faces a health crisis, a natural disaster or an act of terrorism, it gives us time to pause to reflect on what’s most important in life. Crisis causes us to feel uncertain, and that can be scary.


As both a travel professional and a traveler myself, I view the world as my community. As one of my valued clients, you may feel the same, but I understand you might have questions and concerns.

I’m here for you.


Let’s talk about your travel plans – booked and/or future. Knowledge is power, and having the most accurate and current information will guide the best decisions for you. This is where I can help.


I have the remarkable support of my entire Virtuoso professional network and personal travel contacts all over the world. This allows me to share facts from people I trust, many based on the ground, to help balance what we understand from the news media. No matter what, your safety and comfort level will always be my utmost priority.


I remain at your service, and encourage you to make your travel decisions based on your own personal comfort level. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

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